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Only Half of Ransomware Victims that Paid the Ransom Got Their Files Back!

In 2018 we are still being inundated with new Ransomware every week. Your company has about a 50% chance of being infected by Ransomware. Just flip a coin once to see if your data will be encrypted by Ransomware and flip it again to determine whether or not you will recover your data after you paid the ransom. Of course, I'm not telling you to pay the ransom. In fact, I would heavily advise against it.

Thanatos Ransomware - Don't Pay Up!

The makers of the Thanatos Ransomware were careless to say the least when releasing their malware. When the Thanatos Ransomware infects a computer, it generates a new key for each encrypted file. Unfortunately, these keys are never saved which means that if you pay the ransom, there is no actual way to decrypt your files.

Ordinypt Ransomware Targets German Users

A new "ransomware" called Ordinypt targets German users. This ransomware is more like a "wiper" because it actually deletes the files rather than encrypt them. 

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