• New version of Software Released - Directory Defender
    Orlando, FL February 17, 2016 - Blue Shoe Software, LLC. announces Directory Defender version 2.0. Directory Defender stops accidental folder moves from occurring on the file server. Version 2.0 allows for the optional designation of specific folders to be included, protecting certain folders as opposed to the entire volume. Directory Defender’s new version also allows for the exclusion of certain groups, such as Domain Admins, so that designated users or groups can retain the ability to move folders.

    Accidents happen. Unintentional file moves happen every day since users “accidentally” drag folders and drop them in nearby folders, creating confusion and headaches for the System Admin who is typically tasked to find the folder. Directory Defender guards against accidental folder moves. At times, System Administrators have a purposeful reason to move folders, so the ability to exclude any user or group from being blocked was added. Essentially, adding a group to this exclusion list allows any user in this group to move any folder on the server.

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  • Directory Defender Awarded 100% CLEAN award granted by Softpedia
    Orlando, FL February 23, 2015 - Today, Softpedia awarded Blue Shoe Software’s Directory Defender with its 100% clean award and gives an excellent review of Directory Defender. Directory Defender stops workers from unintentionally dragging folders into other folders on local and shared drives. Directory Defender was applauded for its intuitive and clear-cut usage and the ability to protect File Server folders from accidental moves. Softpedia states “Directory Defender is a useful and reliable application that can save you a lot of trouble by ensuring folders remain in the same path where you placed them, blocking local and network users from moving them.”

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  • Free Software - Directory Defender Helps System Administrators Keep Track of Files
    Orlando, FL February 11, 2015 - This Valentine’s Day, Blue Shoe Software is sharing the love with the IT community by offering Directory Defender software for free. Directory Defender stops users from accidentally dragging folders into other folders on local and shared drives.

    Clicking around in Windows Explorer can cause folders and their files to be unintentionally dragged and dropped, causing these folders and files to be misplaced. Stop this erroneous folder movement from happening, before it starts.

    Directory Defender prevents network users from accidentally dragging folders. Install Directory Defender on the file server itself, no changes on the client needed. Guard against unwarranted file and folder movement.

    Blue Shoe Software’s gift to you. Free software just trumped candy.

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  • New Software Release - Ultimate Recycle Bin Benefits Network Administrators
    Orlando, FL January 20, 2015 - Blue Shoe Software LLC announces Ultimate Recycle Bin Server Edition- software designed to capture files that were mistakenly deleted over the network. Ultimate Recycle Bin makes it easy to undelete server files, find overwritten and deleted files from users across the network, and restore files deleted by a virus or malware.

    Virtually all users have been there, one minute he or she is updating the all-important spreadsheet or document, making one essential change after another, and then clicks “save” instead of “save as”. This mistake overwrites the Excel file or Word document and unfortunately, there is no going back. However, if the network administrator is using Ultimate Recycle Bin, users will be able to simply right-click on the file in Windows Explorer, and get any previous version back within seconds. This is just one example of the many features that Ultimate Recycle Bin offers. Network Administrators, tired of having to search through backups to retrieve deleted or overwritten files, find Ultimate Recycle Bin valuable. After a few clicks, the file is found, and the administrator saves the day.

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