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Only Half of Ransomware Victims that Paid the Ransom Got Their Files Back!

Posted by Scott Jackson on Mar 14, 2018 10:40:52 AM

In 2018 we are still being inundated with new Ransomware every week. Your company has about a 50% chance of being infected by Ransomware. Just flip a coin once to see if your data will be encrypted by Ransomware and flip it again to determine whether or not you will recover your data after you paid the ransom. Of course, I'm not telling you to pay the ransom. In fact, I would heavily advise against it.

The only true way to recover from a successful Ransomware attack is to recover your files from backup. Notice that I said a successful Ransomware attack - ransomware attacks can be prevented with the right steps and that first step is to install Ultimate Recycle Bin.

Ultimate Recycle Bin installs directly on your file server and protects its files shares from Ransomware attacks from the workstation. It uses two methods of detection, HoneyPot files and File Screening. URB will add Honeypot files to your file shares automatically and watch for those files being encrypted. If a user is caught modifying a HoneyPot file, that user (and only that user) is blocked from writing to the file server, effectively stopping the Ransomware attack in its tracks. Same thing goes with File Screening. We have hundreds of file types in our database and add more every day. For example, WanaCry Ransomware will change your files to have a ".cry" extension. So when it encrypts "Salary2017.docx", it renames it to "Salary2017.docx.cry". As soon as a user is caught creating a file matching a File Screening type, that user (and only that user) is blocked from writing to the file server, again effectively stopping the Ransomware attack.


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