Undelete Files with Ultimate Recycle Bin

Instant File Recovery

Mistakes happen.

Files get deleted that are needed.

A real-world tech issue solved by real-time data protection.

Ultimate Recycle Bin – AKA, “The Recycle Bin for the Network”. Protecting shared files on file servers, as well as local files on workstations.

Guard Against Ransomware

Utilizing Honeypot Files and File Screening (we have over 1000 known ransomware file extensions and drop file names), URB can detect when a user is attempting to encrypt files on your file server. Once detected, this user (and only this user) is blocked from modifying files on the file server until unblocked by an administrator.

It's A Win-Win!

The price tag of data loss, re-writing documents from scratch, and the valued time spent searching for accidentally deleted or overwritten data through insufficient backup tapes or snapshots is expensive.

Ultimate Recycle Bin pays for itself time and time again.


Continuous Data Protection

Take a selfie, not snapshots! For true continuous data protection – Windows shadow copies and tape backups alone are not the best solution, they don't tell you who deleted the file, and don’t capture all deleted files.

Guys, the keyword here is continuous.
Since backups don’t include all the file changes/deletions in between backups, there is no guarantee that the file needed will be found.
Ditto for the snapshots and with the extra space requirements needed, clearly there has to be a better solution.


Free the IT!

You are an IT professional. You have plenty to do. Your job is demanding and you don’t need to spend valuable time finding deleted files. Allow Ultimate Recycle Bin to do this for you, making your days (and sometimes evenings) more productive.

Stop users from asking “Oops! I accidently deleted a file from the shared network drive, can you find it?” Allow users to find and restore accidental deleted and/or overwritten files, without troubling the IT department.

Free the IT!! Eliminate pleas of help for restoring deleted files. Enable self-service recovery.

It's All In The Details

Instant File Recovery for Servers, Workstations, VMWare and Microsoft Hyper-V environments, & NAS/SAN with Windows OS
100% Compatible with Microsoft Windows Systems

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